What are Fusion Sports Pictures?

Pictures are taken in a controlled environment. J&M Imaging uses technology that allows everyone on the team to be in the group photo without having to physically be on location at the exact same time. This means no waiting for the group photo. In addition, social distancing can be practiced. We can get a great shot of each player and everyone can be included in the group. Individual images and group images are added to environmental backgrounds that represent their local gym or playing field.



Picture Day Schedule

Each team is assigned a time for pictures. There’s typically a 15 to 20 minute time frame for each team.


Once a player arrives, they will go to a check in point and be assigned to a camera station. Players will be asked their name and the name of the team they play on. Please be sure your players know their specific team name. Not just Palatine Celtic.


Players will take several pictures in different poses. One set of poses will be for their individual picture. Another set will be used to create the team photo. The entire process from arrival, check-in and taking pictures usually take about 15 minutes. 


Order Forms

In order to keep this event as paperless as possible we strongly encourage you to order online.



Order forms will be provided electronically for you to review along with a link to our pre-pay site.

Pre-pay will be available beginning August 31st. HERE IS A LINK TO PRE-PAY ONLINE


If you pay online you do not need to print out or submit any forms. We can link the order data with the rosters.


When paying online you will be asked for your players team name. It is important that you list their actual team name and not the organization, Palatine Celtic.


We will have QR Codes posted at picture day to allow for easy online payment through a mobile device.


Pre-pay will be available until the end of day on September 12th.


We will accept check, credit or cash day of event if needed.


Helpful Tips:

Wear your team shirt and shorts. These will show in the photos.

Socks and shoes will not show in the final photos. Sandals are fine. 

Each player needs to bring their OWN BALL for pictures.

Each Player MUST know their team name. 

Pre-pay on line to saves time and keeps transaction contactless. CLICK HERE TO PRE-PAY


Frequently Asked Questions


When do I come for pictures?

Your team will be given a time frame to come for pictures. Example: U10 Girls 9:00-9:15.


What if we are running late for our picture time? 

Not a problem. Even if you are running late you can still be photographed individually and for the team photo. Just check in when you arrive.


What if we have another activity that conflicts with picture time?

Our goal is to schedule teams to reduce the wait times and keep social distancing. However, we can accommodate players anytime during the picture event.


What if I have multiple kids that play in the program?

No problem. Bring them ALL at the same time! No need to wait around or come back at a later time.


What if I don’t want to buy pictures? Do I have to show up?

Purchase is not required. We still need you though! The group picture will be created from individual pictures. So, we need you to show up to be in the team picture. 


What if I pay online and my player is sick or can't attend?

No problem. Just send an email to jandmimaging@gmail.com and we will issue a refund. 


Is there a makeup day?

There is no make up day, however your may come to picture day anytime during the scheduled day if you have schedule conflicts. 


Can I submit my own photo for the team?

No. Images need to be captured with our lighting and professional equipment in order to merge the images together. 


If I miss picture day can I come to your studio and get a picture taken?

Yes, you can make an appointment at our studio in Hoffman Estates with a minimum purchase of Package B. Your player will be added to their team photo ONLY. They will not be added to all the team photos. The original Lab order from picture day can't be changed. Pictures taken at the studio will be shipped to the home. There is a $10 shipping charge. 


Can I see the pictures before ordering?

Our Fusion picture program is not set up for proofing. We do take multiple pictures and our photography team has over 15+ years of experience working with kids. However, if you are unhappy with your pictures, we will happily work with you to resolve any problems or issue a refund.  


Can I order pictures at a later time?

Yes, however specially priced packages and memory mates are only available on picture day.  You may choose from à la carte items and the team photo. Orders placed after picture day will be shipped directly to the players home. A $10 shipping charge will apply.


When Will I Receive the Pictures?

Picture Packages will be returned to the organization for distribution in 4-5  weeks.


Covid-19 Information

We want to become as paperless as possible, keeping all transactions and order forms online. (We will have forms and a cashier on site just in case.)

ON PICTURE DAY parents will be able to place orders on their phones without having to print a receipt.

We are planning on traffic flow and social assistants to keep everyone an appropriate distance. 

We are asking all players to bring their own ball. (We would have extras and sanitizer on site.) 

We have brought our indoor set up outside for safer conditions.  

All of our employees will wear masks and we would ask everyone to please wear one while on the location of picture day.  

We will provide hand sanitizer at several points at Picture Day.

Our employees will be wellness tested prior to the day (employees with a temperature or exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to work).  

Having Picture Day outside allows us to stretch the team time slots over a longer period of time which enhances social distancing.

Only players, coaches and photographers will be allowed in the picture line and tented area for their picture. Other family members should remain in their cars.  

Photographers will remain 10 feet away from players and we will maintain social distancing markers for players waiting to be photographed.

All pictures are time stamped if any back tracing of players proximity would be necessary.    

We will follow all procedures necessary for player health checks such as temperature taking.