Covid 19 Statement

The team and J&M Imaging has been thoughtfully and creatively preparing for our fall season. Our number one goal is to create a safe and healthy environment for all our participants. 

  • We want to become as paperless as possible, keeping all transactions and order forms online. (We will have forms and a cashier on site just in case.)
  • ON PICTURE DAY parents will be able to place orders on their phones without having to print a receipt.
  • We're planning on traffic flow employees and parent volunteers to keep everyone at an appropriate distance. 
  • We'd be asking all players to bring their own bal/equipment where applicable for their individual pictures (We would have extras and sanitizer on site.) 
  • We are looking to unitize 1 large or 2 smaller portable awnings that would cover the studio setup in order to offer an alternative to an indoor picture day.  This would require access to a parking lot or paved area adjacent to a building with access to the facilities power.  
  • All of our employees will wear masks and we would encourage everyone to please wear one while on the location of picture day.  
  • We will provide hand sanitizer at several points at Picture Day.
  • Our employees will be wellness tested prior to the day (employees with a temperature or exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to work).  
  • Having Picture Day outside allows us to stretch the team time slots over a longer period of time which enhances social distancing.
  • Only players and photographers will be allowed in the awning area for their picture.  
  • Photographers will remain 10 feet away from players and we will maintain social distancing markers for players waiting to be photographed.
  • All pictures are time stamped if any back tracing of participants proximity would be necessary.    
  • We can follow all procedures necessary for wellness checks of participants as dictated by the organization.